Dear friends and partners!

First of all, I thank you for your interest in our company.

At iFCM GROUP, we believe that a person is always at the center of any effective work and dynamic development, and that progress and achievements are possible only when a cohesive team consisting of people who care is taken up.

We are also convinced that a truly impressive result is shown only by a person who can fully focus on his professional task. That is why we create a working environment for each employee of our partners, where no time is spent on non-core processes.

We undertake all infrastructural household issues, including high-quality work of engineering systems of an industrial or office building, healthy nutrition, leisure, personnel logistics, security, cleaning, landscaping and many other tasks.

The relationships we build with clients are unique. They are based on the fact that we carefully listen and hear the needs of the client, understand the "pain issues" and find optimal solutions, fulfill our obligations exclusively in good faith, scrupulously treat occupational safety and food safety issues. Trust and honesty are the basis of our cooperation.

Every day we create comfort and high quality of professional life for hundreds of thousands of people. Safety, proactivity, concern for the world around us, attention to detail, the standard quality of service, the ability to listen and hear, flexibility and speed in decision-making make our company a reliable and valuable partner on the way to the growth of your business.

If our approach is close to you, if the quality of work is important to you, if you value your time and resources, contact iFCM GROUP, as many of our regular customers have already done.

Andrey Zhavoronkov

President of iFCM GROUP

The central office of the iFCM GROUP
107113, Moscow, 3rd Rybinskaya str., 18, p. 22.
Tel: +7(495) 246-01-10