iFCM GROUP – experts working according to international standards
What are we doing?
We provide impeccable service every day, thereby improving the quality of life and contributing to the effective development of our own team, partner companies, the regions where we work, and society as a whole
How do we do it?
Safely, 100% quality, consistent, honest, involved, proactive, thoughtful and socially responsible
Why are we doing this?
To ensure that our customers remain satisfied, employees are engaged and confident in the future, suppliers are stable, the company is profitable, and shareholders are interested in the future of the company
We are doing our work honestly and efficiently for 30 years
Today, iFCM GROUP's permanent partners include more than 100 companies of various scales and fields of activity - from business centers and factories to remote shift settlements and marine vessels
We have more than 100 services and solutions in our arsenal
We take care of all the life support processes of the company, including healthy nutrition, logistics, leisure, high-quality operation of engineering systems of an industrial or office building
We have a first-class team of specialists and experts
We are convinced that people are the main value and the reason for the success of our company. Our team of more than 7000 professionals is formed according to international standards and we are constantly purposefully investing in the development of our employees
Why the clients choose us?
Besides all above:
We have created and are constantly developing a culture of safety and taking care of our own health in the company . Our main goal in the framework of occupational safety is no injuries
Uncompromising compliance with labor and food safety standards and regulations
The quality management system of iFCM GROUP is certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, which is confirmed by a certificate
of conformity (see certificate)
Compliance with the requirements of international quality standards (ISO 9001)
Today we are a fully autonomous Russian company operating in full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation
While maintaining the continuity of international service standards, we always take into account the cultural, geographical and ethnographic features of each of the 7 regions of our presence
The central office of the iFCM GROUP
107113, Moscow, 3rd Rybinskaya str., 18, p. 22.
Tel: +7(495) 246-01-10