We provide not just a service,
we create a quality of life
Who we are?

We are a provider of services in corporate catering and facility management services
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Have you ever dreamed of finding a partner who is really interested in making your business even more efficient, employees more happier, and the company more successful?
We started in Russia in 1993
as a representative of Sodexo, a WORLD LEADER in catering and FM. Today we outgrew into a completely autonomous enterprise, working in several countries
Taking care of people and their quality of life -
is our main driver. Our mission is

to provide EVERY PERSON with comfort, safety and outstanding service in the workplace, which improves the quality of their lives

Every day we make the lives of more than 110 thousand people better
iFCM GROUP - your reliable and permanent partner
We fulfill our obligations exclusively in good faith, value and respect OUR PARTNERS and cooperate only on the basis of trust and honesty
Main directions of our work
Every day we work more and more harder to make our customers' lives better and happier
Ensuring the operation of all engineering systems 24/7 on the sites or with the involvement of mobile services
From full-cycle canteens and kitchen factories to the delivery of hot lunch to the workplace on an individual menu

An integrated approach, where we undertake the provision of all infrastructure tasks under a single contract, and our partners focus on the main production

A well-regulated supply chain, well-established logistics and control at all points of the production chain
The central office of the iFCM GROUP
107113, Moscow, 3rd Rybinskaya str., 18, p. 22.
Tel: +7(495) 246-01-10